Hello nerds of Albuquerque! Join us, in a bar, as we talk about nerd stuff.

The world wide phenomenon that is Nerd Nite has finally come to Albuquerque.

Each event features three approximately 20 minute presentations covering anything nerdy; drinking encouraged. “It’s like discovery channel with beer.”

Your Albuquerque Nerd Bosses

Nat Baca is a software engineer and manager whose deep commitment to nerdery extends to his work at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that hosts Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects (consider donating!). He claims to speak a mishmash of 15 human languages and 8 computer languages, some of them less terribly than others, and includes Latin in that count because, why not? He can also read braille by sight, which is as useful as it sounds. He once won an umbrella in a karaoke competition in a supermarket in Xi’An China for a duet of “The Moon Represents My Heart” with an 80 year old grandmother. He’s also been interviewed on community access TV more times than anyone rightly should, typically while exploring roadside attractions and small town events with more enthusiasm than is reasonable. He lives in Albuquerque with his Burqueña wife Eileen, and together they love flying drones, growing plants, and going to concerts at libraries.

Andy Torres is a local artist who runs the fashion and lifestyle brand Mobius Theory.

Aidan Manning is a recovering academic with a background in watershed hydrology. Their magpie-like collection of obsessions includes (but is not limited to) sustainable micro-farming communities, moral relativism in surrealist alternative fantasy, and traveling vast distances across wild landscapes on foot. They’ve spent the last decade teaching environmental science, getting a silly little doctoral degree, DMing a few D&D campaigns, and trying to weasel out of their pact with an ancient arch-fey (the spell slots suck and the contract doesn’t even include dental). They currently live in Albuquerque and spend their days trail running, writing, and advocating for resilient and healthy watersheds across New Mexico.