Doors 6:30pm / Show 7pm
Green Jeans

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Join us for Nerd Nite ABQ #2!

Nerd Nite is a monthly lecture-in-a-bar series that takes place in 100+ cities around the world. And now we’ve got our very own Albuquerque chapter!

Join us to learn, laugh, and drink, on Thursday, April 4, at 7:00pm at the Green Jeans Food Hall, and thereafter the first Thursday of the month.

Nerd Nite #2 is entitled: “So You Thought You Knew…”. Our talks center around things that you may know a little bit about but which hide layers of meaning and depth.

Talk #1: Who the F*$# is Tom Bombadil?!

“Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow! Bright Blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow!” So we are introduced to this most mysterious and controversial character in Tolkien’s legendarium: Tom Bombadil. Theories abound as to who exactly Mr. Bombadil is, ranging from the banal to the crackpot theory that he may well be Jesus Christ. Join us as we explore them all in this Lord of the Rings investigation.

Speaker: Danny Tallon is a high school science teacher and community theater actor who just so happens to be a super-fan of Tolkien. If you don’t believe him, his license plate reads NOROLIM (which means “giddy-up!” in Elvish), and he ended his last best-man speech with an Elvish blessing that brought an “aww” to the audience. He believes that language and literature are vitally important for our culture, and he loves digging at works of fiction to see what truths are lying underneath. When he’s not over-analyzing every book he reads, he is an avid tabletop gamer, RPG game-master, and movie watcher.

Talk #2: ADHD: Mental Illness or Evolutionary Advantage?

ADHD is a many-faceted condition, and can look different in women and adolescent girls, making it harder to diagnose and understand. What is this condition exactly, and how can we know it when we see it? Hear about origins, diagnosis and fun facts about ADHD.

Speaker: Leyna Inberg works as a psychiatric consultant for Oak Street Health and is an instructor in their FNP fellowship program. She specializes in treating mood and psychotic disorders as well as ADHD in adults. Her Essay, “What It’s Like To Lose A Patient To Suicide As A Mental Health Professional” was published in the Huffington Post.

Talk #3: Bards, Bros, and Booze: A Toast to the Tang Troubadours

The bards of the Tang Dynasty (618 to 906 CE) wrote some of the most enduring poetry in all of Chinese history. These poems speak to the character of humanity and the nature of reality, the ephemerality of beauty and the vicissitudes of nature and fate. But most importantly, these guys liked to party. Carouse with them as they drink alone by moonlight, wake up after a night on the town in the middle of their neighbors’ fields, and laugh with them as they lose their teeth and keep drinking, in this rice wine-fueled tour of the characters behind the greatest hits of the 10th century.

Speaker: By night, Nat Baca is a co-boss of Nerd Nite ABQ. By day, he works at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind Wikipedia. He has studied Mandarin Chinese since Kindergarten (oddly, at a public school in Ohio) and has lived and worked in China. He was a co-editor for the travel guide The Insider’s Guide to Beijing, which took him on reporting assignments from learning aerobic pole dancing to studying how to walk like a tiger in order to improve heart fitness.

Come join us for a drink, learn something new, and meet fellow nerds. Tell your friends and help us spread the word about Nerd Nite Albuquerque at Green Jeans!

Be There AND Be Square.